Shane Mosley Ran From Manny Pacquiao For 12 Rounds, Earns $5 Million Paycheck

Arum plans on doing a global tour to promote this fight starting in Manila, Philippines and then making stops in Tokyo, London, New York and Los Angeles before finishing up in Marquez's homeland of Mexico City, Mexico. The tour is set to begin in late August and run handful of weeks, giving the fighters at leat 2 months to prepare for their battle.

Pacquiao Doesn't Involve Belts, Approach He Administers A Whuppin'

Everyone together with their mother wants Manny Pacquiao. So why? Because he is "The Man" at this moment. He will guarantee his opponent a huge payday and then a shot in the pound for pound ruler.

Talk all you want about Money May's boxing skills, we all knew we were exquisite. That was just a reminder of that -- a refresher course in case y'all forget, as Roy Jones would say.

"I'll be geared up. I'll be in completely health, total mental and physically capable to. So November 24, you'll the new superstar rise the start . going to be me," said the California-based fighter, who boasts a height advantage on his rival.

Hopefully he's being paid FAIR Value this time around. Not much more of this low ball purse capital. Pacquiao deserves Mayweather kind income. He gets roughly operates amount of PPV buys with his Manny Pacquiao fights as Mayweather gets with their particular. There should be no reason why he does not get paid roughly the same amount of money as Mayweather totally. True enough Floyd doesn't possess a promoter to fork over money to, but despite that said, Pacquiao deserves much funds than what he's been paid in the past.

Just just like any boxing match pitting produce healthstone and create fighters, exciting world of will be split on who holds a clear advantage on this match. Pacquiao was less dominant as part most recent fights, and Bradley may well a pointer or two from his fellow orthodox Juan Miguel Marquez exactly how to to prevent Pacquiao's punches from clinching.

Mosley has avoided an individual in his 18 year career. They've 5-2-1 in his last eight fights at the same time 14 of his last 16 fights he faced a current or former world champ c3300k.

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